Spot Pal Original

The Spot Pal original is made for those who either have all of their adult teeth that are fully erupted or if any child has not yet lost there teeth. This design covers the front 6 teeth only and is comfortable to where all day while training the tongue.  If the user fits the description for their current dental status, then this is the design the user would receive.

Spot Pal Jr.

The Spot Pal Jr. is designed for individuals who are currently losing their teeth or need room for the front 4 teeth to erupt. Each design is fully customized based on the individuals current dental status. The Spot Pal Jr. leaves the front teeth exposed to be able to erupt without interference. We also make occlusal adjustments to prevent an open bite since the tongue will find any open area. If the user fits this description then the Spot Pal Jr. is a perfect fit.

Spot Pal Mini

The Spot Pal Mini is designed for individuals 5 years and younger. It is the same design as the Spot Pal Original but with an added handle for safety measures. The Spot Pal Mini is great for early intervention or if the child needs to habituate the proper tongue resting posture and eliminate tongue thrusting or sucking habits at a younger age.  

Spot Pal Retention

The Spot Pal Retention is designed to keep the alignment of the users teeth after the use of braces or a clear aligner system. It covers all teeth just as a retainer would and can be worn comfortably throughout the day. It is also worn overnight to deter the tongue from pushing against the front teeth and help habituate the proper tongue resting posture. If you are currently wearing a retainer or need to keep the teeth aligned while stopping tongue thrusting and teaching where the tongue to rest, then the Spot Pal Retention would be a great fit.

Spot Pal Lateral

The Spot Pal Lateral is designed to stop lateral tongue thrusting. The spikes are added on the inside of the molars and deters the tongue from moving in that direction. If the user is trying to stop lateral thrusting, than the Spot Pal Lateral would be a great fit. 

Spot Pal No Pokes

The Spot Pal with no spikes is designed for individuals who already have their adult teeth and need to work on their tongue resting posture. It is used to teach the tongue where to properly rest. It is great for tongue exercises and shows the user exactly where the tongue should be positioned.

Speech Pal

The Speech Pal is designed with bumps on the back molars to teach users where the tongue should be placed when working on “r” “sh” “ch” and “j” sounds. The Speech Pal is best for users who have difficulties producing these sounds.  This feature could also be added to any other Spot Pal design if needed. Your answers during checkout will determine if this feature gets added for the users customized Spot Pal.

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