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Spot Pal


Spot Pal supports proper tongue resting posture and proper tongue strength to combat problems such as tongue thrust, mouth breathing, snoring, poor sleep, sucking habits, and improper tongue resting posture and much more.

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Best For:

Tongue Thrusting

Mouth Breathing

Habit Breaking


Restless Sleeping

Encourages proper jaw alignment

Improve Nasal Breathing

Closed Mouth Posture

Thumb Sucking

TMJ pain

Daily Use

Speech Pal


Designed as a Spot Pal with tongue bumps on the inner (lingual) surface of the back molars which act as a tactile cue for proper placement and production of the following sounds “/t, d, n, l, s, z/ as well as /r, sh, ch, j/ respectively.

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Best For

Difficulties producing these sounds

Spot Pal Fit


Designed for the fitness enthusiast who wants to optimize the benefit of EVERY workout. Spot Pal fit supports proper nasal breathing which helps to maximize endurance, strength, and power during exercise and/or strength training.

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Best For


Weight Lifting

Nasal Breathing

Sport Pal


Designed for athletes who want the benefits of the “Spot pal fit” but need the added protection for their teeth.  The Sport Pal encourages proper tongue posture and nasal breathing which maximizes the users overall performance.

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Best For

Sports that require a mouth guard

Weight lifting

Spot Pal Lift (Beta)


Best for users who strength train. The tongue flap reminds the user to press up on the roof of the mouth while doing any strenuous exercise which encourages proper form. Proper tongue placement can increase strength by 30%!

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Best For

Weight lifting

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