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*Made with FDA Approved 510K Cleared Class IIa Certified material

*Your 3D scan/impression, age, and answers during checkout will determine the design that will fit the user the best

*8 week exercise program included

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6 reviews for Spot Pal

  1. Katelyn

    I have been using my Spot Pal for 2 months. It fits perfect and has helped my overall tongue resting posture. Provides great tactile feedback so that my tongue rests where it should!

  2. Taylor

    As a myofunctional therapist Spot Pal has greatly impacted my patients’ progress and success. It has allowed for my patients to better habituate proper tongue resting posture. I can’t wait to get more of my patients in this valuable tongue training appliance!

  3. Lauren F

    The Spot Pal has been an excellent tool as a Speech Pathologist to support my clients with resting posture, decreasing oral habits, and improving those with a lisp or tongue thrust. Highly recommend!

  4. Paige

    Such a great tool to have as a speech language pathologist! I have seen such great progress with all my patients that have been using the Spotpal, both with their Myofunctional exercises and their speech sounds. Definelty recommend this appliance!

  5. Sam

    As a Speech Language Pathologist, the Spot Pal has been an excellent tool to support my clients with improving lingual resting posture and placement for production of speech sounds. Highly recommend!

  6. Joe Abbascia

    Been using Spotpal at the reccomendations of my dentist, im also working with a speech therapist, I just love it…It is truly helping me to change a habit I’ve created over the last 3 years and the exercises are very simple to follow, im 3 weeks out so far and my speech therapist is having me skip steps because of the advancement from spotpal.

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