Spot Pal


*Made with FDA Approved 510K Cleared Class IIa Certified material

*Your 3D scan/impression, age, and answers during checkout will determine the design that will fit the user the best

*8 week exercise program included

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2 Spot Pal devices 

  • The price for 2 Spot Pals purchased together (1 scan included) is $450. You will receive two Spot Pal devices packaged together. This option is ideal for an individual that may need more than one of the same Spot Pal device for reasons such as  you are concerned you might misplace your Spot Pal and would like to have a backup on-hand, you spend your time in more than one residence, you are enrolled in speech or myofunctional therapy and would prefer to leave one at your therapy location and the other at home, etc. This option is not recommended for individuals who foresee a drastic change to the structure of their teeth or mouth.