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Speech Pal

The Speech Pal is designed with bumps on the back molars to teach users where the tongue should be placed when working on “r” “sh” “ch” and “j” sounds. The Speech Pal is best for users who have difficulties producing these sounds. Speech Pal has the Spot Dot and Tongue Poke features, which act as tactile cues to support teaching the tongue to rest up in the roof of the mouth, and off the teeth, as well as supports proper tongue placement for the /t/, /d/, /l/, /n/, /s/, and /z/sounds.

The Speech Pal gives the user a tactile cue for where to place the tongue, up and back in the mouth, for the production of the “r” sound – the hardest sound in the English language to produce and to fix! Speech Pal can be utilized to transition the user from producing the sound in isolation, by itself, all the way up to correct pronunciation of the sound during conversational exchanges.

The Speech Pal feature can also be added to any other Spot Pal design if needed. Your answers during checkout will determine if this feature gets added for the users customized Spot Pal.