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Spot Pal Retention

The Spot Pal Retain is designed to keep the alignment of the user’s teeth after the use of braces, expansion, or a clear aligner system. It covers all upper teeth just as a retainer would and can be worn comfortably throughout the day. It is also worn overnight for retention and to deter the tongue from pushing against the front teeth and help habituate the proper tongue resting posture. If you are currently wearing a retainer or need to keep the teeth aligned while stopping tongue thrusting and teaching where the tongue to rest, then the Spot Pal Retention would be a great fit.


Potential add ons: Lateral pokes, Speech bumps, Handle


If you are only required to wear dental retainers at nighttime, then consider adding both a Spot Pal Basic and Spot Pal Retain to your cart by selecting the Ortho Bundle option. This will allow for use of Spot Pal Basic during the day and Spot Pal Retain use for nighttime sleeping.