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Spot Pal Mini

Designed for users of a younger age, to allow easy caregiver manipulation with its handle, which aids as a safety benefit and also serves as a tactile cue to target closed lip posture. The Mini is great for early intervention or when trying to break any sucking habits, while simultaneously retraining the tongue to rest in the proper position, habituate a proper swallow pattern and maximize the natural growth and development of the oral cavity. Early intervention is key and Spot Pal Mini allows targeting of proper oral rest posture and proper orofacial development at a young age, which can set up a child for greater success as they continue to grow and develop.  


Spot Pal Mini’s encouraged daily use is short increments throughout the day during a preferred seated activity. Spot Pal Mini is great to wear during preferred activities such as coloring, listening to a story, playing while stationary at a table or on the floor, or while watching a show or movie. Spot Pal Mini is the perfect addition to a nighttime book reading routine!