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Spot Pal Lateral

Spot Pal Lateral is designed for users who push their tongue more laterally, on the side teeth. Spot Pal Lateral has both front and side Tongue Pokes, and the Spot Dot for teaching and encouraging proper tongue tip placement. 


Spot Pal Lateral, like all our Spot Pal variations, supports proper tongue resting posture and proper tongue strength to combat problems such as tongue thrust, mouth breathing, snoring, poor sleep, sucking habits, and improper tongue resting posture. Spot Pal Lateral supports teaching the tongue to rest up in the roof of the mouth, and off the teeth, as well as supports proper tongue placement for the /t/, /d/, /l/, /n/, /s/, /z/sounds. 


Spot Pal Lateral comes with tongue strengthening exercises via video modules and tongue placement drills for expressive speech sounds. 


Spot Pal Lateral is typically worn up to 2 hours+ per day or as desired.


Potential add on’s: handle, Speech Pal “bumps”