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Spot Pal Jr.

The Spot Pal Jr. is designed for individuals who are currently losing or recently lost their “baby” teeth and need room for the front 4 upper teeth to grow in. If the user fits this description then the Spot Pal Jr. is a perfect fit. Each design is fully customized based on the individual’s current dental status and unique alveolar ridge (the area on the roof of the mouth behind the top teeth). The Spot Pal Jr. leaves the front teeth exposed to allow for the “adult” teeth to come in without interference and optimizes the duration each user can remain in the same Spot Pal. Spot Pal Jr. leaves the surface of the lateral teeth exposed to allow for proper contact of the upper and lower teeth while also limiting any space created by the thickness of the “appliance” when the patient bites down. 


Spot Pal Jr. comes with tongue strengthening exercises via video modules and tongue placement drills for expressive speech sounds. 


Spot Pal Jr. is typically worn up to 2 hours+ per day or as desired.


Potential addons: lateral pokes, handle, Speech Pal “bumps”