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Did you know that the resting posture of the tongue and mouth can affect appearance? Improper resting posture can lead to differences within the mouth and even the way your face develops. When the tongue is resting too low within the mouth it can lead to a high and narrow palate and consequently reduces the support for the jaw and chin. This results in the chin and cheekbones becoming less prominent over time. It also leads to problems with dental alignment and occlusion. Think of the tongue as your natural palate expander. Proper resting posture will naturally support long-term growth and development.

So what is the proper oral resting posture? It is when the mouth is closed and the tongue is up on the roof of the palate in a light suction. The tip of the tongue should be behind the front teeth but not in contact with them. The Spot Pal can help you or your child achieve the correct tongue and lip posture!

The design of Spot Pal was carefully created to alter how your tongue rests within the palate. It has a Spot Dot that acts as a custom tactile cue for where the tongue tip should rest and Tongue Pokes that deter the tongue from resting on the teeth. Each Spot Pal is created with a customized mold from the individual so it is perfectly fit to your features. When it is used properly, the Spot Pal leads to the correct tongue placement and aids the development of the face and teeth over time. As a result, it positively affects the appearance of the face!

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