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Nasal breathing is the most optimal way of breathing. Did you know your nose is a filter? It filters out dust, bacteria, viruses, and other airborne particles from inhaled air. Sensors in your nose can also release antimicrobial chemicals, such as cathelicidins when detecting microbes in the air. It humidifies and pressurizes as you breathe which improves your oxygen intake.

Mouth breathing can dry out your mouth, leading to a build-up of oral bacteria. This can cause dental infections, bad breath, and tooth decay. Mouth breathing is linked to reduced exercise capacity, snoring and sleep apnea, facial abnormalities, allergies, and asthma. Additionally, studies have found improvements in cognitive functions with nasal breathing.

How can Spot Pal help with nasal breathing? Spot Pal can help to habituate a closed mouth posture and support the development of orofacial muscles. Spot Pal aids in proper tongue placement and supports nasal breathing.

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