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Did you know that mouth posture can affect the quality of your sleep? Many individuals experience restless sleeping which is characterized by symptoms such as: snoring, tossing and turning, teeth grinding and prolonged bed wetting in children. Additionally, symptoms like these and many others affect one’s ability to attend throughout the day due to poor quality of sleep.

Restless sleeping as well as the symptoms listed above can result from sleeping with an open mouth posture. This refers to the mouth being open while the tongue rests in a low position at the bottom of the mouth. A correct mouth posture is characterized by placement of the tongue on the roof of the mouth with the lips closed. Correct tongue placement and mouth posture is the key to restful sleep!

The Spot Pal is designed to retrain the tongue muscles in order to encourage correct tongue placement on the roof of the mouth. Frequent use of the Spot Pal helps correct incorrect tongue placement, thus improving sleep quality!