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When considering using a tongue training appliance, one’s mind may not typically associate improvement in athletic performance as a benefit. However, the tongue resting posture plays a very important role in reaching one’s athletic potential. This is because tongue resting posture impacts our ability to breathe properly. Incorrect resting posture of the tongue such as a lower placement actually blocks the airway partially making breathing less efficient.

During physical exertion, it is important that oxygen intake is being maximized to improve overall performance. When the tongue is in an incorrect resting posture you are unable to maximize the oxygen intake thus impacting performance. For this reason, Spot Pal Fit is ideal for athletes!

Use of the Spot Pal Fit appliance trains lingual muscles to achieve an appropriate resting posture on the roof of the mouth. This allows the user to rely on nasal breathing as opposed to mouth breathing during exercise without any obstruction of the airway. Oxygen intake can then be increased to improve overall athletic performance. This is due to increased oxygen flow to muscles and other parts of the body.