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If you or your child are experiencing symptoms related to a sleep disturbance then this is the place for you. Sleep disturbance is categorized as restless sleeping such as tossing and turning at night, snoring, poor sleep quality, teeth grinding, prolonged bed wetting in children, difficulties attending during the day, and more. Restless sleeping and snoring could be the result of sleeping in an open mouth posture. Resting open mouth posture is when your mouth is opened and your tongue is resting in a low position rather than having your tongue tip contacting the roof of your mouth also known as the hard palate. So, why am I or my child experiencing symptoms related to a sleep disturbance? To answer this question, sleeping with your mouth open and resting your tongue improperly is the possible cause of the sleep disturbance.

 Sleeping in an opened mouth posture can be for a number of reasons, for example having:

  1. Enlarged tonsils

  2. Enlarged adenoids

  3. Deviated septum

  4. Sleep apnea

  5. Improper resting of the tongue, such as resting low.

Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) and Myofunctional therapists ask these types of questions when collecting the patient’s background history, this allows for an individualized treatment plan that can be set into place. So, how can Spot Pal help with this? Spot Pal is designed as a way to retrain the tongue muscles and to correct the resting posture of the tongue. By retraining the tongue muscles and using Spot Pal it can improve the resting posture of the tongue and therefore improve sleep quality.,common%20cause%20of%20mouth%20breathing.