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Yes, your child may be a candidate for both Spot Pal and Myofunctional therapy depending on their background history and current symptoms, such as having a resting open mouth posture. It is never too late to start Myofunctional therapy and to consider a Spot Pal for your child. It does require commitment from the child and family members as well as motivation. It is the motivation of both the child and their family members that will help the child be successful in Myofunctional therapy and utilizing their Spot Pal.

In order to see progress when utilizing the Spot Pal the child also needs to use it outside of the therapy room. But how can parents help with this? If you are unsure of the oral motor exercises that your child is currently working on do not be afraid to ask their Speech Language Pathologist or Myofunctional therapist. Typically, children who are a part of the Myofunctional program will receive a folder of the exercises they are working on and stated with the amount of trials that need to be conducted when practicing at home.

Spot Pal can help your child throughout their journey in a Myofunctional program as it can provide further assistance with helping them achieve the proper tongue tip elevation, identifying their “spot” by bringing their tongue tip to the roof of their mouth directly behind their teeth. As a result this can help improve their tongue’s resting posture and encourage nasal breathing.