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Did you know that the way you position your tongue can have an impact on the quality of your sleep? Tongue posture plays a crucial role in maintaining proper airway alignment during sleep. Adequate tongue posture affects breathing patterns and overall sleep quality. Improper, low resting position of the tongue during sleep can lead to the narrowing of the airway which can then result in sleep-disordered breathing. By adopting correct tongue posture techniques, such as resting it within the confines of the hard palate (roof of your mouth), you can promote better airflow, reduce the risk of snoring, and possibly even reduce certain sleep disorders. The Spot Pal increases the space in the airway by keeping the tongue in the correct resting posture and reduces the risk of the tongue infringing on the airway space. The Spot Dot on the Spot Pal provides a tactile cue for where the tongue tip should rest and the pokes deter the tongue from resting on the teeth. Embark on a journey towards revitalizing nights of deep and peaceful sleep by seeking guidance from a healthcare professional who can guide you to those restful nights you have always dreamed about!

-Briana S.