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Myofunctional therapy focuses on optimizing the function of the muscles in the face, mouth, and throat, which can have a direct impact on facial appearance. Proper resting tongue posture against the roof of the mouth, for example, exerts gentle pressure on the upper jawbone, which promotes its development and expansion. This can result in a wider and more well-defined jawline, contributing to a balanced and aesthetically pleasing facial structure (Ribeiro et al., 2020).

Furthermore, myofunctional therapy focuses on correcting swallowing patterns and oral muscle coordination, addressing issues that may lead to an imbalanced facial appearance. By targeting muscles responsible for tongue movement and lip control, this therapy can refine facial muscle strength and symmetry, leading to more pleasing facial features (Proffit et al., 2021).

While genetics play an important role in our facial features, myofunctional therapy offers a favorable approach to enhancing facial aesthetics. By focusing on correcting tongue posture, improving muscle coordination, and addressing swallowing patterns, this specialized therapy can lead to a more harmonious and pleasing facial appearance.

Myofunctional therapy in combination with the use of the Spot Pal appliance can greatly improve proper resting tongue posture, leading to healthier and more balanced facial structures. Consult with qualified professionals to create a treatment plan that holds great potential in achieving your best and most attractive facial features!

– Briana S.