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When it comes to excelling in sports, every advantage matters. One often underestimated factor that can profoundly influence an athlete’s performance is the positioning of the tongue. The tongue’s placement against the roof of the mouth holds the key to enhancing breathing efficiency and maximizing oxygen intake during physical exertion. Conversely, when the tongue is positioned too low in the mouth, it can obstruct the airway, leading to breathing challenges, particularly during activities demanding heightened oxygen consumption. This obstruction compromises airflow, subsequently affecting the flow of oxygen to the lungs and muscles, resulting in feelings of shortness of breath and a decline in exercise performance.


Additionally, maintaining a low tongue posture can contribute to mouth breathing, which falls short in comparison to the effectiveness of nasal breathing. Nasal breathing is known for its effective air warming, humidifying, and filtering capabilities. Nasal breathing optimizes oxygen uptake and ensures the ideal gas balance within the bloodstream. Here’s where the Spot Pal appliance comes into play. Customized to cultivate proper tongue positioning, the Spot Pal encourages the tongue to rest against the roof of the mouth. By doing so, it supports nasal breathing, maintaining an unobstructed airway and creating a more expansive pathway for air to flow. In stark contrast to incorrect tongue positioning, the Spot Pal helps establish an optimal airway, lessening risks of obstruction and promoting the efficiency of nasal breathing. Boost your performance using the Spot Pal appliance and unleash the full potential of your breathing capacity in the world of sports!


-Briana S.


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Briana Sabo, M.A., CF-SLP, TSSLD

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