Spot Pal's Leading Provider


Spot Pal Grind provides protection against the oral habits of teeth grinding and teeth clenching especially at night; while also teaching the tongue to rest properly, up in the roof of the mouth. Spot Pal Grind is meant to  protect the teeth during nighttime wear as a means to limiting the symptoms associated with chronic clenching or grinding ie: jaw pain, headaches, poor range of motion etc.   


Teeth grinding can be developmental or a sign of an underlying medical condition, which can cause improper tongue posture and/or improper swallow pattern. With Spot Pal grind, your tongue can rest comfortably in the roof of the mouth, with the tongue tip at the Spot Dot, which encourages proper overall alignment and relaxation of the jaw and facial muscles.


If you are a nighttime teeth grinder but also want to work on proper daytime tongue posture, consider the Spot Pal Day/Night bundle, which includes a Spot Pal Basic for daytime use, and a Spot Pal Grind for nighttime use.


It should be noted that teeth grinding/clenching can be a symptom of other underlying medical conditions such as sleep disordered breathing. It is always important to speak with your medical or dental provider to determine if any additional intervention is necessary in conjunction with your Spot Pal grind.