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Spot Pal is a custom-fit tongue training device intended to teach proper tongue resting posture and eliminate tongue thrusting and sucking habits. The Spot Pal device has a part called tongue pokes. These tongue pokes help remind the tongue to not push against the teeth and aid in eliminating any non-nutritive sucking habits.

Specifically, the tongue pokes act as “speed bumps” to remind the tongue to not rest against the teeth. It limits the underside and tongue tip’s ability to push against the teeth when swallowing and speaking and limits the possibility of the tongue sitting in any space created by a malocclusion. Additionally, it inhibits sucking habits such as thumb, finger, and tongue sucking as well as nail-biting and teeth grinding. With the help of Spot Pal, tongue pokes, and Myofunctional therapy, proper tongue placement can be achieved. Proper tongue placement can improve intelligibility and nasal breathing, strengthen oral motor functions, support occlusion and retention, support restful sleeping, and reduce symptoms associated with TMJ/D.