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Why might your provider recommend a sleep study?

A sleep study is conducted to monitor specific areas of your body during your rest. These can include your heart rate, breathing pattern, oxygen saturation, movement, and more. They can be conducted at a clinic or at home. If a patient has concerns about their sleeping patterns but may not want to immediately conduct a study, they can record an audio or visual sample to review with their doctor and discuss further options. For children, a sleep study may be vital to confirming if the child is truly sleeping properly through the night or not.

Why may a sleep study be conducted? There are numerous reasons for children and adults. In both children and adults, they may present with symptoms of “brain fog” which can be characterized by confusion or forgetfulness, restless sleeping via their movements or waking up in the middle of the night, changes in breathing patterns during sleep like snoring or gasping and more. In children, bedwetting may also appear, as well as difficulties with attention and focus. Overall, sleep is when the body resets and if the body does not get enough quality sleep, there can be a variety of symptoms.

Why is this important to Spot Pal? Abnormal tongue posture can cause blockage in the air passage and encourage mouth breathing. This prevents nasal breathing, which provides the body with purified oxygen. Lower oxygen levels that are not purified can cause the above symptoms and possible ailments like enlarged tonsils. Spot Pal works to establish the habituation of proper tongue resting position. This will support tongue posture during sleep, keeping the tongue out of the airway. Depending on your symptoms, you may prefer to sleep with your Spot Pal. Symptoms of sleep disordered breathing may include snoring, restless sleeping, and teeth grinding. However, duration of wear should be individualized and may gradually increase based on the individual’s needs. Notably, Spot Pal is designed for children as young as 2 years and adults of all ages.